Moogle is a recurring race in the Final Fantasy series. They first appeared in Final Fantasy III and have appeared in some capacity in every main series game since, with the exception of Final Fantasy IV.
Square Enix held a poll asking fans whether or not moogles should make an appearance in Final Fantasy XV. Response to the presence of Moogles was positive, and on October 4, 2016, it was revealed the creatures would appear in the form of special items.
The first DLC, the Holiday Pack, added the Moogle Chocobo Carnival to the city of Altissia. It ran from January to February 2017. 
To promote this, Square Enix commissioned Relish to create the pack for a chilli and lemon flavoured popcorn as a give away at games events.
Based on concept art of how the moogle would appear in FFXV (see below) a quick sketch was made on the iPad for approval before completing the character in Adobe Illustrator for use on the pack.
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